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Who We Are?

Clickafix Academy is a technical and vocational training centre designed to provide young people with the education they need to become positive contributors to the economy in Nigeria.

All of our courses provide vocational training with practical sessions that will equip each student for a rewarding career. We are proud to offer well-equipped labs and hands-on experience that will ensure that every successful graduate of Clickafix Academy is ready to take their place in the world.

Our Courses


Our electrical courses covers the fundamentals of safety and circuits to electrical wiring systems, electrical drawings, troubleshooting, power protection… Learn more.


Our plumbing courses covers pipes installations and plumbing fixtures, as well as how to maintain drainage… Learn more.

Air Conditioning

Our air conditioning training will equip you with the practical skills and knowledge needed to install, service, and maintain refrigeration and air-conditioning systems.


With a median age of 18.1 years, Nigeria is one of the youngest countries in West Africa. The youth, like youths of the world, have aspirations to do well for themselves economically and socially. A lot of these aspirations are built around being a productive contributor to the economy. Fulfilling this aspiration needs three key components- to have skills that would be useful to various industries and in line with global standards, the skills to be all-around skills, and a possibility to utilize these skills in the real world.


To strengthen the Nigerian economy and society through sustainable empowering of the youth with skills, that are relevant and in continuous demand by the user ecosystem.


Providing our students with the necessary skills and support, both technical and soft skills, to adequately prepare them to provide the highest level of service in their area of expertise and enhance their employment and entrepreneurial opportunities within a competitive market.

Our Concept

Our Infrastructure & Pedagogy

Our courses are run from well-equipped labs, and our educators are highly educated experts that come from all over the world to provide the right training to each of our students.

How Our Courses are Delivered

Each of our courses runs for sixty hours and is delivered through our LMS platform. This platform allows us to provide face to face and distance learning opportunities as well as allowing the student to re-watch the material as many times as they need to. Each course is organised in such a way that it offers hands-on modules that are taught in small groups of 3-4 people. This allows each student to get the most face to face support from their trained and learn everything they need to know, ready to use in their future employment.

Theory Delivery

The theory is delivered using an LMS platform which not only enables distance learning but gives the student the flexibility to refer to the content post the training as many times as they want. The theory includes vocation theory as well as soft skill training.

Practical Delivery

Each of the courses has a substantial hands-on section where the trainees get to work in small batches of 3-4 people and learn various parts of the vocation, including handling tools, solving problems using tools, and other projects which they would come across when they would practice the vocation.

The Benifits of Learning at Clickafix Academy

Best Industry experts

Be tutored with the support of industry experts and insight.

Virtual/Physical classes

Enjoy face to face and distance learning opportunities

Post-learning support

Easy access to support and opportunities that will boost your career.

When you choose to undertake a course at Clickafix Academy, then you can look forward to courses that are:

In addition to the courses we provide, you can look forward to learning in an establishment that is:

Clickafix Centre?

Clickafix Academies are currently based in Asaba and Delta State.

Graduate Destinations

After completing our courses, graduates can look forward to using our HR portal, Clickafixjob, to find suitable employment. Through this portal, employers can see candidate CVs as well as contact details for applicants to allow them the opportunity to offer jobs. More employers are being added to our database every day, allowing Clickafix students to look forward to the future with confidence. In addition to our own HR portal, we also help students get onboarded to other online job marketplaces so that they can work with clients to get employment.

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